What is tablr?

tablr is an easy-to-use, powerful table, reservation and wait list management system for iPad. With a super intelligent predictive algorithm under the hood, tablr works with your hosts and reservationists to maximize bookings and table-turns all while controlling pacing. It’s always ready with a nudge, but never gets in the way.

Pricing, (no) contracts, Support

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    Try tablr free for 30 days. Fully functional. No strings attached.

    $99 per Month.

    That’s right. Just $99 per month. Unlimited tables. Unlimited reservations. Unlimited waiting list.

    No contracts.

    We know you’ll love tablr but if for any reason you decide it’s no longer the best fit for your restaurant, no problem. You can cancel anytime.

    No Reservation Fees.

    No nickel and diming. Paying per head is a thing of the past. What other mobile solution could be easier, and more affordable?


    Need help setting up your restaurant? We’ve got you covered. Interested in tuning tablr to maximize everything it can do? We’re more than happy to assist.

    How About Half.

    Limited Time Offer! Give us a try for a year and we’ll halve the price. $49 per month for a year. Use the contact form below to sign up.

The bells and whistles

tablr is incredibly powerful. Here’s just a taste of what it can do.

Table Management

View and manage your whole floor at a glance, in real-time.

Waitstaff Load Balancing

Reduce the chaos factor for your waitstaff and save your chefs from kitchen overload.

Waitlist Management

Manage your queue like a maestro. Drop the messy, confusing paper book system.

Reservation Management

Accept reservations directly through your tablr portal on the web, months in advance. No per-cover booking fees.

Customer History

Export your customer list for marketing campaigns. Keep track of food allergies, birthdays, or even seating preferences.

Multiple Rooms

Make a separate room for your patio. Make a new layout for a special event. Attach it to just one shift, or a whole day.

Resort Features

Want to view all the restaurants at your resort using tablr? Use the concierge log-in to view statistics and make reservations from any web browser.


Want a deep dive? Read all there is to know about tablr in tablr’s documentation.


  • “Our host in The Clubhouse was resistant to using Tablr at first but now she won’t use anything else. They used paper backup for a while but they’ve weaned themselves off of that… with paper books, we always over booked and frequently bombed the kitchen but Tablr has eliminated both of those problems.”

    Carrie E. via Jay Peak Resort
  • “With Tablr at the host stand I can confidently say I feel like I am in complete control of the floor during service. Its easy-to-navigate functions help me stay focused and organized during stressful times, two factors that are critical for hosts to maintain during service.”

    Ivo B. via Za
  • “We use Tablr to book reservations for our guests before they arrive on property. This allows for a more relaxing stay when our guests don’t have to worry about making reservations upon arrival.”

    Concierge via Jay Peak Resort
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